Audience Measurement

Why Crowd-Sense?

Digital Out of Home advertising is experiencing a rapid growth and this trend is set to continue in the future. While traditionally, outdoor digital screens were mostly located in public areas and monitored by commercial audience measurement services in the UK, the installation of new screens in semi-public and private locations, not serviced by existing measurement services, as well as the rise of new market entrants without the means to subscribe to current services, presents a challenge for media owners in monetizing these new screens through advertising sales.

The challenge lies in the lack of cost-effective access to accurate and timely audience measurement data, making Crowd-Sense a crucial solution to consider.

What is Crowd-Sense?

Crowd-Sense is a brand new service which provides a highly accurate measurement of audience impressions for any digital screen in near real time. Data collection is completely anonymous and 100% compliant with GDPR.

Crowd-Sense collectors remove the unknowns when it comes to impression measurement for out of home advertising.


At the heart of Crowd-Sense is the collector. Tiny and low power, requiring just a USB power source and a Wi-Fi or ethernet connection, the collector is simply installed within the frame and will start collecting data immediately.

Crowd Sense collector
Standard Format Collector 24mm * 24mm * 13mm

How it works

Contact us for some sample collectors for a no-obligation free trial

Plug in and configure WiFi credentials (or let us preconfigure them for you) or simply attach to any DHCP router via RJ45 cable.

That’s it, see your audience data in real time using our portal or automated reports. After three months if you don’t want to use the service just return the collectors


Near real-time results (within 2 minutes) are available 24 hours a day from our secure cloud-based platform. It can be provided in any format to any destination; on demand or scheduled.

Data is stored at a granularity of a single minute, but can be aggregated and reported at any level desired. A popular report is the hourly heat map.