Why Crowd-Sense

The Crowd-Sense collector from Visual Solutions, a small but powerful audience measurement device, not much bigger than a stack of five coins, that captures the number of mobile devices within a range of up to 300m/1000ft in real time. It is a totally secure and scalable solution for the recording, alerting, prediction, reporting and analysis of audience impression data.


All data is anonymous and encrypted prior to transmission and is completely GDPR compliant. No data is permanently stored on device. Standard device format is 24 * 24 * 13 mm so it can be mounted inside or behind almost any screen enclosure.


Monitor a single site or 10,000, the Crowd-Sense platform can scale effortlessly to meet your audience measurement needs. Each single collector can record hundreds of thousands impressions per hour for use in even the busiest environments.

Cost Effective

No initial up front cost, just a low monthly fee per device after an initial free trial period. Implementation of the Crowd-Sense platform is totally risk free to all customers. Your audience measurement solution has never been more accessible.


Audience impressions available to you in near real time via reports, email, data feeds, API or alerts. However and whenever you want to use your audience impression data Crowd-Sense can supply it to you.


Easy to install, just plug into standard USB or 4-pin Grove port for power, connect to Wi-Fi and you are away. Want us to supply you with collectors pre-configured for your Wi-Fi, we can do that too? If you want to use an ethernet connection instead then just plug and play with any RJ45 cable.


Not only does it collect the audience impression figures for you it collects over 50 hourly weather and social parameters that can be used in our AI models for state of the art audience prediction.


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